Our Sustainability

Sinew Moon is an eco-conscious women's clothing company made sustainably with natural textiles and low-impact fiber reactive ECO dyes at a zero-waste facility in Eugene, Oregon.  

Why sustainability matters to us, and what we're doing about it:


Small-batch, slow fashion: Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to the growing masses of landfills around the world. 57% of discarded, unsold, and used clothing ends up in landfills whether it's because garments don't fit, aren't in style, or are poorly made and fall apart. In 2021, the World Economic Forum identified the fashion industry and its supply chain as the world’s third-largest polluter and the EPA reports that Americans generate 16 million tons of textile waste a year. We only produce new releases once a week and we keep our quantities limited, to ensure we're only making what our supporters want. 

Eco-conscious, natural materials: We source only the most natural and sustainably farmed/harvested fibers for our clothing like hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, cotton gauze, and raw silk. We work directly with our suppliers to ensure their practices adhere to our standards. Most clothing brands use synthetic and/or mono-cropped textiles which require an overuse of pesticides and herbicides, leaching into the soil reducing fertility and biodiversity in our ecosystems. And, approximately 35% of all microplastics come from synthetic fibers most as a result of washing machine wastewater. 

High-quality clothing: In addition to using natural fibers, we hand-dye our clothing with low-impact fiber reactive ECO dyes. This is important to us because the toxins in synthetic fibers and commercial dye-fixing agents breakdown onto and into our bodies, especially when we perspire, wreaking havoc on our systems. As each of our creations are hand-crafted with love and care, you can rest easy knowing that your clothing will have a long life and will not be harming your body or the environment.

Valuing our resources: The natural, eco-conscious fibers and dyes we use do not include any toxic chemicals in the production process or in their breakdown. Other brands use synthetic textiles made from plastic (polyester, rayon, acrylic, nylon, etc.) which emit a variety of toxic chemicals in the production process, and in their breakdown, which make their way back into the environment. The majority of synthetic fibers are not biodegradable and recycled synthetic textiles are being made from water bottles rather than recycled clothing - not contributing to the overall problem of clothing in our landfills. We create several accessories and designs using fabric remnants and scraps to ensure we remain a zero-waste facility! 

Valuing our employees & our communities: Fast fashion is notorious for having poor working conditions, causing all kinds of environmental and health issues for employees and the communities they reside in. As a local, slow-fashion business we're able to offer fair wages contributing to a higher quality of life for our employees. We're also able to make a positive impact on the communities near us and contribute to the overall growth of our US economy with intentional and sustainable production. 

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