The Sinew Moon Tribe


Left to right: James Thomas, Carlee Moon, Debbie Moon, Denise Godman, Hannah Staicoff, Sarah Everitt.  Liam Moon Thomas and Fridae (front)

The Tribe:    

  • Carlee Moon // Co-Founder, Designer, Creative Director 
I've had the curse/blessing of an "ARTIST" brain since I can remember and I've always been encouraged to use my creativity in some form, any form. I grew up in the South, a true Peach through and through, and realized as a teenager that I would NOT be confined to just any one place. As I set on my path of personal discovery and adventure I was led to the West Coast where I met my love, JD, at my favorite place, a Dead show. I fell in love with him, I fell in love with these mountains and I fell in love with this previously unknown freedom. Away from the city and stuck in the woods with only each other and some Grateful Dead jams trying to make a baby....this was a fascinating point of my life, the happiest in fact. With said happiness came bursts of creativity I didn't quite know what to do with...until I got my hands on some textiles. Sinew Moon started as a hand stitching project in our tipi in the beautiful mountains of Southern Oregon while I was pregnant with my son, Liam Moon. Carrying this left brain, analytical male spirit inside my vessel opened my eyes to a side of life I felt like I was always waiting for. My journey of motherhood and creating for Sinew Moon have been the most heart expanding, magical experiences of my entire life. Watching these entities, these beings from my own design manifest in such profound ways continue to inspire me everyday. The music of the boys, nature, my Tribe and this creative outlet....these are the things I live for. Thank you for showing up and being a part of it. I am forever grateful.
  • James Thomas (JD) // Co-Founder
 I grew up in the Midwest where I found a love if not obsession with nature and namely fishing. Later in life I moved to the Greater Atlanta area diving head-first into the music and small artist community that was thriving in the area. After about 6 years of calling the southeast home I decided to pick up stakes and head West. Because of the two largest influences on my life I found Southern Oregon to be my ideal home. After a couple years of establishing myself in the place I now call home. I met the love of my life, Carlee Moon, at Furthur Fest in Angels Camp California. About a year later and a lot of traveling she too picked up stakes and came to Oregon to live with me. Where we found the land we developed and call home. Living in a tipi, following our passion, still dreaming our dreams. That's where the Sinew Moon story begins. Some years and a child later we have built a beautiful life embracing our passions and living our dream. What a long, strange trip it's been. 
  • Denise Godman // Senior Seamstress
Little did I know at the age of 10 when I first sat down to my grandmothers sewing machine that I was embarking on a life long love affair.
My experience comes from many yrs in the school of necessity, trial & error.
Tutored in the basics at 13 by my grandmother, I dove head-long into the intoxicating world of fabric. What's not to love? 
Family needs, fascination with ethnic wear, costume history/design & the absolute love of textiles in all its many forms, has kept me indulging my senses & increasing my knowledge. Many machines & a few decades later, Poof! I am quite literally the senior seamstress. Who'd guess?
Being a part of the Sinew Moon team is so much more than a job. This is a gift. This is my Zen. This is a family of loving Lightworkers. 
It is with privilege & honor to be part of the magic & beauty created here (in where- the-hell-is Selma). I sincerely serve you with joy & love.
  • Hannah Staicoff // Production, Seamstress
      I have traveled the world and lived in many places (Hey Alaska! Hello Hawaii!) but as a native of Southern Oregon this is the true place I call home.
    Although I have commercially fished, managed establishments and have done the landscape/garden design it is ultimately my love of nature, color and appreciation for local entrepreneurship that led me to Sinew Moon.
      I absolutely love being part of a team that not only brings beauty to our world and personal selves  conscientiously but offers joys, challenges and the ability to be around people that I am proud to call my friends and family.
  • Debbie Moon // Sales, Marketing
I don't sew! Not a stitch! But I do know branding, print management, e-commerce, sales and marketing. So I recently relocated from the only place I've ever lived, Georgia, to become a member of a young and vibrant, upcoming, earth conscious clothing company. The fact that it's my daughter driving the creative direction and birthing and growing a recognized brand for earth conscious clothing, DOES NOT make for a bad day at the office!
My cup runneth over!
  • Sarah Everitt // Photographer, Production, Shipping 
I always had an interest in photography….disposable cameras and polaroids as a kid. Then, I started working at a photography studio in PA for schools before moving to the west coast. Photography has always been a creative outlet for me so it means so much to me to be able to share that through photographing for a business i support whole heartedly. I never envisioned being part of such an amazingly intentional process and am truly inspired and honored to be a part of it. I am consistently inspired with every new project we discuss and love watching the growth of this company.  
  • Liam Moon Thomas// Inspiration, Motivation 
While I was in my mama’s belly I helped her see a different side of beauty. Sinew Moon was born with me and has grown with me like an annoying little brother. I like hanging in the studio with the Tribe, going on photoshoot adventures and giving mama ideas for new creations. My Mama and Papa work hard. I love being a part of Sinew Moon and I like when my mom makes me stuff!

 Through much growth and evolution this brand has come from using up-cycled materials to using all organic and sustainable fibers. We strive to be as Earth conscious and economical as possible while catering to the wants and needs of women from all walks of life. In a world where body image can be an intense struggle it is also our mission to accentuate women’s beauty and make them feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside while maintaining environmental consciousness. 

      All Sinew Moon garments are made in a small studio on our land that we are developing to create a self sustaining homestead. It is a powerful process to create pieces with solid love, intention and integrity for each customer. Many of our fabric options are hand dyed with low impact dyes in small batches. A very special part of Sinew Moon is that each creation contains a gemstone for healing energy. Using as many gifts and sustainable materials from the Earth is very grounding and healing not only for us, but also anyone that chooses to wear this clothing. We are beyond grateful for every drop of support we have and continue to receive. We look forward to sharing this creative process with you, it is truly an honor.

with love, light and gratitude 

 The Sinew Moon Tribe