Our Fabric Blends

We are proud to source the highest quality of sustainable and natural fabric blends like bamboo, cotton gauze, hemp, organic cotton, and raw silk.

We are continually evaluating our partners, their facilities, and their textiles to ensure they meet our standards of durability, comfort, affordability, and eco-consciousness. 

If you're not sure which fabric blend you'd like to wear, we offer fabric sample packs (in readily available hues) to help in the decision making process. 


Bamboo Blends:

  • Bamboo Velour is just as soft and luxurious as our Hemp Velour but with a bit more bounce and stretch. 
    • Bamboo Velour is 67% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 5% polyester with a oz. weight
  • Hemp Bamboo Fleece 
    • Hemp Bamboo Fleece is 55% bamboo and 45% hemp with a 10.03 oz. weight
  • Hemp Bamboo Fleece Stretch is a warm, super stretchy, and very durable blend. 
    • Hemp Bamboo Fleece Stretch is 50% bamboo, 45% hemp, and 5% spandex with a 9.5 oz. weight 
  • Hemp Bamboo Stretch is a slinky, bouncy blend that is lightweight and very stretchy. This blend is great for layering because it is sleek and not bulky. 
    • Hemp Bamboo Stretch is 65% bamboo, 30% hemp, and 5% lycra with a 7 oz. weight
  • Hemp Bamboo Terry is both super stretchy and super durable.
    • Hemp Bamboo Terry is 65% bamboo, 30% hemp, and 5% lycra with a 9.5 oz. weight 

Hemp Blends:

  • Hemp Jersey is much like a standard t-shirt blend. It is nubby when stretched but has plenty of give as it is quite durable, and long-lasting. We stock a lighter version of this blend during the warmer months.
    • Summer weight is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton with a  5 oz. weight
    • Standard weight is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton with a 8 oz. weight 
  • Hemp Stretch is a nubby, coarse blend with lots of stretch. This blend is amazing for bottoms as it retains its shape so well! Although it is very stretchy this blend is a little more restrictive than others. You may consider sizing up for hemp stretch garments.
    • Hemp Stretch is 53% hemp, 43% organic cotton, and 4% lycra with a 10 oz. weight
    • Hemp Sweater Knit is an open weave textile with lots of character as it has a heavy weight to it can be rather warm! We put a decorative stitch on this blend to control fray, but that is a natural part of the wear with this blend.
      • Hemp Sweater Knit is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton with a 7 oz. weight
    • Hemp Terry is thick, durable, stretchy and retains its shape well with wear.
      • Hemp Terry is 57% hemp,  38% organic cotton, and 5% lycra with a 9.5 oz. weight 
    • Hemp Velour is thick, soft, and luxurious!
      • Hemp Velour is 30% hemp and 70% organic cotton with a 8.3 oz. weight 

    Cotton Blends:

    • Cotton Gauze: Heavier than most gauze materials with a weight and drape similar to linen. This blend has a beautiful crinkled like texture and dyes similarly to hemp. 
      • Cotton Gauze is 100% cotton with a 3.7 oz. weight
    • Lightweight Hemp Jersey is a featherweight jersey that feels soft and gentle on your body. It's a perfect summer layer as it's slightly sheer and offers a beautiful draping layering affect.
      • Lightweight Hemp Jersey is 70% organic cotton and 30% hemp with a 3.5 oz. weight
    • Hemp Thermal is light and airy, yet warm when you need it to be. This is a very durable fabric blend that will last you quite a while, and makes for great all-seasons layering. 
      • Hemp Thermal is 70% organic cotton and 30% hemp with a 7.7 oz. weight

    Other Blends:

    • Raw Silk is heavier than most silk with a beautiful weight and drape, and a coarse/nubby texture similar to most hemp blends.
      • Raw silk is 100% raw silk with a 4.23 oz. weight