Our Hand-Dyed Hues

Our beautiful, unique hand-dyed hues are developed with low-impact fiber reactive ECO dyes making each garment good for your body and good for the environment! 

Our clothing and accessories are truly one-of-a-kind as no dye art is the same. We hand-dye each design in our studio which results in variations between batches. This means no two garments are alike even if they are of the same design, hue and fabric blend combo. 

We are continually experimenting with new hues and frequently offer samples of these tests in our Odds & Ends releases!

Our Solid Hues

Solid hues are a newer offering at Sinew Moon that came with our 10 year anniversary in May of 2022!

Technically these aren't true solids as they are still dyed in-house and do not come to us as pre-dyed rolls of fabric. That means these hues still retain that hand-dyed character and have a depth not found in true solids.

We love these new offerings as they bring a more sophisticated and mature aesthetic that we find both calming and soothing - ensuring garments made with these hues will be timeless classics! 


Our Mottled Hues:

Our original hand-dye offerings feature unique swirls, spots, and blends of various shadows and colors. 

You'll notice from the swatches below that every fabric blend absorbs the dyes differently, like bamboo blends which produce more vibrancy than hemp blends. We also have several hues known as color shifters, meaning they display different shades/tones of a hue in natural vs. artificial lighting.