Meet Us

Sinew Moon owner Carlee Moon holding her daughter and laughing

Carlee Moon: Founder & Lead Clothing Designer

Blessed, and cursed, with the creative brain Carlee has been paving her own way since her youth in the South. While embarking on a path of personal discovery, Carlee met and fell in love with her partner, James, among the West Coast mountains, woods and fellow Deadheads. It is in those environments that Carlee was able to channel her creativity and passion into textiles - starting with a few stitching projects while pregnant with her firstborn, Liam. Carlee’s journey into motherhood is linked with her journey into business and the birth of Sinew Moon. Carlee continues to be inspired everyday by nature, her family, her community and her customers. It is your participation and support of Sinew Moon that makes this experience magical.


A man standing in front of a bush, holding a velour fabric across his back

James Thomas: Co-Founder 

James is an experienced and worldly man having lived in the Midwest, the Southeast and now the West Coast - all while following his passions for nature, fishing and music. It is in the Southeast that James built his ties with the small artist community and that carried with him when he moved to Oregon. During his first few years in Oregon James met the love of his life, and partner, Carlee Moon. Together they followed their dreams of building an eco-conscious business that is creatively fueled by nature and the arts community. He continues to embrace the couples’ dreams and now the dreams of their two children.


Sinew moon seamstress standing in front of wooden fence

Sheila Rehberger: Seamstress

 Sheila joined Sinew Moon in 2019 after being introduced to their hemp fabrics. Sheila helps bring the Sinew Moon vision to life by ensuring every stitch is in place on each clothing item. She loves watching the fabulous dye process and dye techniques, and hopes the world is excited about our clothing as us! 


Sinew Moon seamstress wearing an orange kaftan in a pine tree covered mountain

Dominique Lovett: Seamstress

Dominique has been with Sinew Moon since 2019 but a customer for longer! Since joining she has learned so much about both the hard work and love that goes into every piece of clothing. She considers herself blessed to work at Sinew Moon and to handcraft small batch clothing for women worldwide.


Woman wearing a brimmed heat with a cardigan and dress in front of forested mountains

Paige Burns: Lead Customer Support & Content Manager

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Paige grew up wanting to be a fashion designer. After graduating college Paige traveled and worked in Central and South America before starting her first job in the eco-conscious fashion industry. Paige then started her journey at Sinew Moon when she moved with her partner, Elijah, to Oregon. Since working at Sinew Moon, it has transformed Paige's way of life and her tie-dye business, Space Dirt Dyes, to focus on eco-conscious living and sustainability practices. Carlee's innovative and versatile designs are a source of constant inspiration and awe for Paige as she is so grateful to be a part of this new chapter for the Sinew Moon family. 


Sinew Moon seamstress sitting on a gold velvet chair with a leotard, velvet cardigan and brimmed hat

Zarena Norris: Garment Cutter & Production Assistant

Zarena is a Southern Oregon native who has lived on the same hobby farm her whole life. Zarena was introduced to Sinew Moon, and Carlee, as a young teen and still finds every part of the business to be her favorite. She loves watching rolls of fabric come through the doors to be transformed into beautiful, wearable art. Zarena loves being a part of this small team and helping create small batches of magical clothing for you! 


 Sinew Moon employee wearing a dress and cardigan with her hand on her hip standing in a pine tree forest

Ashlee Griffin:  Production Assistant & Garment Inspector

Ashlee joined the Sinew Moon team in early 2021 and has loved being a contributor and witness to the weekly growth of the business. When Ashlee isn't working she loves being outdoors in any capacity, or spending time with her dog and snakes. She loves having a good laugh while creating memories with her people.  
Size Chart
Size Bust Waist Hips
XS 33-34" 25-27" 35-36"
S 35-36" 28-30" 37-38"
M 37-38" 31-33" 39-40"
L 39-40" 34-35" 41-42"
XL 41-42" 36-37" 43-44"