Fabric Blends & Hand-Dyed Hues

Our Fabric Blends

We are proud to source the highest quality of sustainable and natural fabric blends like bamboo, cotton gauze, hemp, organic cotton, and raw silk.

We are continually evaluating our partners, their facilities, and their textiles to ensure they meet our standards of durability, comfort, affordability, and eco-consciousness

If you're not sure which fabric blend you'd like to wear, we offer fabric sample packs (in readily available hues) to help in the decision making process. 

Our Hand-Dyed Hues

Explore our beautifully crafted hand-dyed hues, which are developed with low-impact fiber reactive ECO dyes. We are continually exploring new hues to add to our palette and frequently offer samples of these tests in our releases! 

Our clothing and accessories are truly one-of-a-kind as no dye art is the same. We hand-dye each design in a release resulting in variations between all available items in a batch (3-4 garments of the same design, hue, and fabric blend). And, every fabric blend absorbs the dyes differently, like bamboo which produces more vibrancy than hemp. 

We also have several hues known as color shifters, meaning they display different shades/tones of a hue if you're in natural or artificial lighting.