Hand Dyed Hues & Blends

Below is a breakdown of our offered hand dyed hues and blends! 

Always consider that bamboo takes dyes much more vibrant than hemp! 

Garnet (a color shifter in natural vs artificial light) is Shadow's crazy sister! You will rarely see the deep maroon hue on hemp. Hemp takes garnet more on the dark reddish purple side but will sometimes have no reds. On bamboo you will find deep rich reddish browns with purple undertones. If you are wanting that deep hue please choose a bamboo blend!  

Ruby is a rich earthy red with swirls of greens. We call this one Rooted Ruby for its root grounding nature. While bamboo offers the most vibrant "red" of this hue, hemp takes it with a little more earthy tones. 

Spice is a funky yet earthy burnt orange with casts of greens and tans. 

Rose Hips is a creamy neutral with light pinks, greens and lavender casts.

Willow (a color shifter in natural vs artificial light) is a golden hue with brown and green casts.

Lichen is a creamy neutral with green and beige casts.

Gaia is a deep earthy green.

Malachite is a vibrant bue-green.

Stealin' is a dusty blue-grey with casts that range from grey, green to lavender.

Storm is a rich blue with casts of purple and red. 

Shadow is our most fascinating hue! On bamboo blends it is a reddish purple that can appear grey in certain light while on hemp it is more of a dusty grayish purple and also looks significantly different in artificial light! 

 PLEASE NOTE: these samples are approximate! It should NOT be assumed that your garment(s) will look EXACTLY like the swatches. There are variations from bath to bath as well as from screen to screen. 



Bamboo fleece is nothing short of luxurious with one fuzzy side and one smooth side. It has stretch as is very breathable but very warm. 66% bamboo 28% organic cotton 6% spandex. 10.3 oz 

Bamboo velour is our heaviest bamboo blend. it is smooth on one side with fluffy velour on the other. This blend takes dyes darker than the others. 67% bamboo 28% organic cotton 5% polyester. 8.3 oz 

Bamboo thermal is soft, slinky and has some nice stretch to it. Unlike our hemp thermal, the bamboo thermal retains heat very well and is not an airy blend. ONLY AVAILABLE VIA READY TO SHIP (RTS) 

Hemp/Bamboo Stretch (replaced Bamboo Jersey) is a slinky, bouncy blend that is lightweight and very stretchy. This blend is great for layering because it is sleek and not bulky. 65% bamboo 30% hemp 5% lycra. 7 oz 

Hemp Bamboo terry (replaced Bamboo Terry) is stretchy, durable and incredibly soft. A bit heavier than our Hemp/Bamboo Jersey Stretch. 65% bamboo 30% hemp and 5% spandex. 9.4 oz 

Hemp stretch is a nubby, coarse blend with lots of stretch. This blend is amazing for bottoms as it retains its shape so well! 53% hemp 43% organic cotton 4% lycra. 10oz 

Hemp jersey is much like a standard t shirt blend, nubby, to stretch but plenty of give. This fabric stands up really well over time. We stock a lighter version of this blend during the warmer months. Summer weight: 55% hemp 45% organic cotton 5 oz. Standard weight: 55% hemp 45% organic cotton. 8 oz. 


Hemp sweater knit is an open weave with lots of character! It has a heavy weight to it and is rather warm! 55% hemp 45% organic cotton.7 oz. 

Hemp thermal is light and airy yet warm when it needs to be! This is a very durable blend that will last you quite a while!  70% organic cotton 30% hemp. 7.7 oz 

Lightweight Hemp Jersey is a featherweight jersey that feels like air on the body! Great summer layer. Slightly sheer with a beautiful drape. 70% organic cotton 30% hemp. 3.5 oz 

We stand behind all of our blends and source from the best! 

Still need help deciding? Check out our fabric samples program! https://sinewmoon.com/collections/fabric-samples