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Crystal Smudge Bundles by Sage Valley

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As American growers, we are not only USDA Certified organic, but we go beyond that and use Re-Gen farming practices.

Our entire lives are built around herbalism and the healing aspects of Mother Earth. That being said, we are very careful to grow and harvest these sacred herbs in a way that will keep them thriving and coming back year after year.

We grow our own sages, herbs and other over harvested herbs to help give back to the Earth. You can take comfort in knowing that the herbs you buy from us will be replenished and are grown with the health of the earth and the people in mind. You can visit our 100 acre farm at to see our greenhouse and other fun things we have going on. Herbs you can trust.

All bundles include a Rose Quartz, the love stone. 


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Fabric & Care

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- Hand wash or machine wash on delicate, with like colors
- Hang dry or machine dry on low or no heat
- No bleach

Please note that there can be slight differences in the coloration of our clothing across different fabric blends given the nature of our hand-dye process.