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Picasso Moon: Crystal Baby Dolls

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Marybeth is a Portland, Oregon mama of two girls and a creator of magical things, including our favorite crystal baby dolls made with remnants and scraps from Sinew Moon fabrics! These special dolls are stuffed with organic raw cotton, include a removable head wrap, and contain a crystal inside to bring loving power to our children. We’re excited to bring @picasso_moon_'s creations to you!


- Crystals sewn inside
- Fabric scraps
- Picasso Moon

Fit & Size

Fabric & Care

Learn about our hues and fabric blends!

- Hand wash or machine wash on delicate, with like colors
- Hang dry or machine dry on low or no heat
- No bleach

Please note that there can be slight differences in the coloration of our clothing across different fabric blends given the nature of our hand-dye process.