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PRE ORDER Matriarch Robe : Flax Raw Silk

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A long awaited offering is finally here! This design is very special and is a collaborative piece between Sister Nettle and Sinew Moon. It is one of the first designs offered in woven fabric and we are so excited to finally offer it via pre order. 

Raw silk is coarse and nubby yet flowy fabric. While it may seem a little stiff initially it softens up over time in such a beautiful and mature way. It is very similar to hemp in terms of durability and texture but also carries many characteristics all on its own. Raw silk is a woven material meaning it does not have stretch and is of heirloom quality to pass down to future generations. The fit of the robes are very forgiving with a larger size body still fitting into the XS/S. Oversize in nature with pockets and a detached sash. 

Styling for this design can vary greatly. From a shower/bedtime robe, to a birthing garment to an outer layer when going out and everything in between, this robe will carry you through many experiences and memories. I recently gave birth and my Matriarch Robe was my staple piece at the end of my pregnancy and for months postpartum.  

  How Pre-Orders Work: 

  • Select your size. 
  • Place your order
  • Your hand-crafted garment will be in your hands within 2-4 weeks 

Find a gemstone sewn in behind the tag for added healing benefits.

Model is size small to medium and is wearing xs/s. 



Fit & Size

Fabric & Care

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- Hand wash or machine wash on delicate, with like colors
- Hang dry or machine dry on low or no heat
- No bleach

Please note that there can be slight differences in the coloration of our clothing across different fabric blends given the nature of our hand-dye process.