Become an official Sinew Moon dealer!

To open a wholesale account with us we will need some basic information from you about your company.

Business Name
Contact person
Business Identification Number (BIN)

Once we have your company details we can initiate the process of opening your Sinew Moon wholesale account. 

A minimum of  21 garments (according to the wholesale list which differs from regular Sinew Moon retail). This is required as your initial purchase to open the account. We are happy to help build your order by sharing what we know to be best sellers and seasonal favorites in your area/market. As our garments have now reached over 30 countries, we can provide solid information.

Once your Sinew Moon LLC wholesale account is established, here is what we do for you!

We are active on social media with an online following of 23k+ AND GROWING!! We use Instagram and Facebook and post on a regular basis. We promote the companies that we work with, that includes you! And of course, you and/or your customers can reference all things Sinew Moon at sinewmoon.com!!

All wholesale orders are Sinew Moon branded, which includes tagging, garment care cards (one for each item) featuring unique, custom artwork on reverse side, free marketing stickers and signage for clothing racks/shelves (images available upon request).

After 30 days, unless contacted sooner, we will reach out for restocking and general feedback, as we love to hear how we are doing! There is no minimum order quantity for restocking, once your account has been established. After 45 days of no account activity, we will put the account on suspension. To reactivate your account will require another minimum purchase of 21 garments.

 Thank you for considering Sinew Moon for the growth of your business! If you have questions or want to learn more, we are always available.

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Carlee and JD

Sinew Moon, LLC.