Our Thoughts on Hemp vs Bamboo

We offer SO many texture options and are feeling called to elaborate and make comparisons so you can easily decide which blend is right for you! While there are many blends, we certainly have our favorites for particular garments.



Hemp has qualities we find incredibly appealing. 1) with the highest antimicrobial value of any other fiber, this fabric stays fresh the longest and in turn helps you feel clean longer. 2) hemp stretch retains its shape better than any knit we have used. We favor hemp stretch for bottoms for this reason! No "saggy butt" with this fiber blend. 3) this fiber seems to be the longest lasting. Its coarse, nubby natures gives it an overall sturdy foundation and ages with so much grace. Hemp tends to dye with less castings or dye characteristics and hues are not as vibrant as on bamboo blends. 


Here is what we love about bamboo. 1) it is the softest and smoothest fiber by far 2) most bamboo blends have impressive stretch coupled with a "flowy" nature giving us amazing freedom in all directions to create feminine shapes whether it be form fitting or draping. Given this fact, we favor bamboo for tops and dresses! 3) bamboo velour and bamboo fleece.... these are two of, in our opinion, the most luxurious textiles and we can't seem to get enough! Both blends are fluffy and warm and add amazing weight to your garment. Bamboo dyes extra vibrant with very defined dye characteristics. 


Image: 1.) Hemp Stretch (left) in Ruby, Bamboo Terry (right) in Ruby. Both of these samples came from the same dye bath. This image shows the fiber difference as well as how differently hemp dyes vs. bamboo 2.) macro close up of same samples