Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Hello Lovelies!!

What another AMAZING experience with a collection!! Having this freedom as an artist is the ultimate success. We had such a blast creating the visuals for Tea for Two! The seed of thought for this collection was planted last summer while listening to the Grateful Dead's "Scarlett Begonias". "Wind in the willow plays tea for two!" These words, that I've heard hundreds of times, stimulated my brain in a new, Sinew Moon type of way. So I scribbled it on my white board and moved on. After the weight that was the Blind & Dirty Collection (focusing on trauma is rough stuff), I knew the next collection needed to be lighter and "romantic". This was not a space I have really explored with collections, so this thought was exciting and had my thoughts running wild. Now, I'm pretty sure I COULD pull of a romantic ass collection just with women's clothing but lets be real, for some true romance I was going to need the fiery passion of a man which would inadvertently make this the very first "His & Hers" collection from Sinew Moon. While shooting Blind and Dirty (Sinew Moon's first professional shoot) I pitched my idea of T42 to Sarah and Korrine! My thought process was to let them in on it so they could help me find models but I'll never forget the look on Sarah's face when she said "umm, Carlee, that's going to need to be you and JD." The thought was adorable but to for my reclusive, introverted ass I thought this sounded horrific. As the T42 concept evolved I slowly realized that in order to bring this vision to life in the TRUE form of my vision, Sarah was right. It would HAVE to be my partner and myself. Fuck.

This process of accepting that I would need to get in front of the camera WITH my partner was a rough one. If it isn't already intense enough to share my art, my absolute vulnerable and intimate truth with so many humans, but to have to get on in front of a camera and be flirty with my man (more vulnerability) was really putting me through the ringer.  I knew it was the only way, so I accepted the duty to process and work on some internal struggles in order to bring this vision to life. The morning of the shoot I woke up a nervous wreck. We combed my last dreadlock out less than 2 hours before the shoot. Shedding. Growing. Learning. Its all a process. And a messy one at that.

We pulled up at the lake, a location very special to our family, and my fears started melting away. There was just too much magic and beauty surrounding me to be wrapped up in emotional processes that do not serve me. I started laying garments out and setting up to realize the entire space for our shoot was covered in tiny wild flowers. Our little dude was running around trying to creep on the geese, the water was still, the wind was whipping through the willows and the sky was overcast, PERFECT for our shoot yet very odd for a summer day in Southern Oregon. Nervous my partner would be stiff as soon as the camera came on I tried to share some words of encouragement beforehand... he did NOT need my words!! He was so incredible!! He was able to teach me a thing or two about comfort in front of a lens. He was throwing me around like a fucking rag doll and whispering sweet nothings in the form of profanities in my ear. If there was anything to be nervous about, he was throwing it in the lake hehe! "You guys make this too easy" Sarah shouts as Jd is provocatively slinging me around. In those moments I think "well, here is my vision, manifesting right before my eyes. "

I'd love to touch on a few technical aspects of this collection. This colorway came about in a magical kind of way  and DIRECTLY  reflects (to neither of our knowledge) the current workings of The Sleepy Jane Show, Spring Flamingo (fucking magical, right?!) . Given that we HAD to have a One of a kind collab piece from SleepyMoon. Lex knotted up her Emerald (equivalent to our Malachite) into an amazing, thick, rich waistband to pair with an extraordinary skirt in "Ruby". The OOAK T42 Sweet Song Maxi is the first of many of its kind but the ONLY one that will ever be created in this colorway. I will say, that skirt is fucking epic.We are really excited to see who gives it a home. To keep the garments unique and fairly different from Made to Order options we not only used NEW hues but we also paired colors to bring two tone pieces to the collection. Another unique attribute is to this collection is the resurrection of an old, highly requested design, known as the Stone Jack Baller Shorts. I gave the design a makeover adding to the durability and function of the garment.  Dudes, be rough on them, we invite you to! Last but not least, the Two Tone Mexicali Blues Maxi! Depending on how well that garment is received we may be adding them to the Made to Order Section of our site!

Obviously we couldn't have played into the theme as well without the magical artwork that is TreuPots. Not only did Chloe handcraft this beautiful tea set, and our entire kitchen set, but she also drove it across the country to deliver in person! We love you Chloe!!! I really love how the pottery reflects the process as well : if you look closely at the cups they are "his and hers". The pot has 3 bolts as our family is a trinity =) I was also dripping in adornments from some of my favorite humans. Let me tell you all....having creations from your best friends ON your body during something that could be uncomfortable makes me content in a sense that I feel your feminine energy with me and reminded "I've got this!!" so for that I would really like to thank all of the creators who had an adornment in this collection: The SleepyJaneShow, Ebb and Flow By Ty, Bones Teeth, Jaya Moksha, Magnolia Metalsmithing THANK YOU infinitely <3

A huge thank you to ANYONE that was involved in making this all happen! A big thanks to my mom and my big sis for help with artwork and marketing! Expect some BITCHIN' Tea for Two care cards with my sister's beautiful artwork! Sarah, you made this thing happen in a way I truly don't think it would have without your support and creative process. Thank you so much. Jd, my love, my life....you inspire me, I love you. Thank you for helping me bust down self inflicted barriers that could keep my visions from coming to light. Thank you all for your encouraging words. Thank you all for your continued love and support. Thank you all for showing up and caring about this dream. Its all such a crucial part of the process and I'm so grateful for every step. And the part that never stops fascinating me..... its all spun off of the music.

"Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands"


A family affair <3 no shortage of passion or fun here!

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