Blind and Dirty

Blind and Dirty

Hello Friends!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check things out! The production of this collection has been absolute magic and I just wanted to give a little insight to the creative vision behind this project.

First and foremost the entire collection grew from a tiny seed of thought planted while listening to the oh so powerful composition of "Wharf Rat" by the Grateful Dead, a song reflecting the throws of addiction and the ability to be free of that habitual discomfort in this reality. So many aspects of this collection have been geared toward healing trauma which seems to create the "disease" of addiction to begin with. The energetic value of this intention to heal such a disharmony is deeply woven into each of these garments. A mantra has been said with each tiny Oregon garnet that has been sewn into EVERY piece of this collection behind the Sinew Moon tag. In the song Jerry sings about "burgundy wine" which really began this grungy color palette for me. I haven't always had the closest relationship with stripes. The stripes just organically fell into place to be a part of the project. Seeing how the song calls focus to the wharf..."way down down, down by the docks of the city." Hand dyed "Lichen" made its way into the collection due to its "dirty" nature of dye characteristics and during our photoshoot I quickly realized that it matched the dirty, mossy parts of the dock. My intention behind the aesthetic appeal was very grungy as I felt it really embodied the lyrics and took you to that space. It somehow took a very elegant turn and came out much softer and much more feminine. Funny how these things happen....I couldn't help feeling like it was a reflection of sorts. A reflection of how this concept of healing trauma (and in turn healing addiction) seems really dark and ugly but when you really dive into and devour it, you realize that the essence of that healing is the most powerful and profound light...if we so choose to be guided by it. That awareness, that mindfulness, is beautiful, graceful and elegant. I suppose I didn't have my "this is some dark shit" attitude long enough before the mindful elegance flooded my brain and took over that attachment to my assumption of darkness. So many boundaries were broken down at that point creatively. 3 new designs came to light from the vortex of energetic processing which shows the absolute creative freedom I have to be able to dream up these "stories via garments" which is only possible because of my amazing team.  Without their support there is absolutely no way I would be sharing these words. Ladies, thank you..I LOVE YOU! I also had the opportunity to work with two other AMAZING women, Korrine and Sarah. Korrine is the Goddess wearing all of the garments and Sarah is the magic behind the camera. Weeks ago I was daydreaming about Blind and Dirty with my partner and threw my head back and shouted "universe!! please!! I want to work with a photographer!!" and not even a week later Sarah reached out to me offering some collab work. Absolute magic. Not to mention that she lives right here in this remote valley in Oregon...more magic. These women also supported me and this vision in such a powerful way. As I pulled up to the docks where I wanted to shoot the collection with 2 one of a kind Queen Chinee Dusters  with this epic model Korrine and right in from of me was a boat named "Queen Corrine". I mean!!!! As if everything wasn't already cosmic enough! You can see these photos in the duster listing. I had with me adornments from some of my fellow artists that helped juice up the visuals and playing dress up with Queen Korrine was too amazing. To see beautiful women in my artwork brings more joy than I could ever express and to get to experience her seeing the pieces and draping herself in them was such an incredible opportunity for me. Included in the photos you will find jewelry and knotty goodness from The Sleepy Jane Show, Ebb and Flow By Ty, Julie Brown Designs, Bonesteeth and Jaya Moksha.

Korrine and Sarah really helped me bring how I wanted to visually represent this healing movement in a way I could've never dreamt of. You're both so greatly appreciated and I love you! Thank you!

Another cute addition to the collection was us taking photos on a boat named "Thor" seeing as I have a 4 year old boy who happens to be obsessed with Norse Lore . I tried to get away with taking photos at a lake thats very close to me but there was no way I could've slacked the aesthetic appeal of this collection by NOT going to the harbor. With a little persuading Sarah and Korrine agreed to go with me to Brookings, my family's favorite Oregon Coast town (a place very special to my heart). We drove through the Redwoods to get there, fought the rain and wind like champs and.... WE DID IT!!! The photos are an exact representation of the vision in my head. As you look through the collection please be reminded, THIS IS MY TRUTH. I am walking my healing path as best as I can and it wouldn't be nearly as fun or enjoyable without the support of all of you. Thank you all so much for your love and support that fuels this fiery passion I have. The opportunity to share my truth with you all is absolutely life changing and I could not be more grateful. If you have or plan on purchasing a garment for this collection you will be receiving something special in addition to the garment. My sister, Bree, is an amazing painter and has created a lasting visual for you all to have to remember this experience. Her painting is on the back of the garment care card so you have a good reason to hang onto them now! The painting specific to this collection from the mind of my big sister is a yellow balloon. This represents a sense of "communication" between the wharf rats to locate each other and spend their shows supporting one another. In hopes that ANY of this resonates with you...may you be reminded of your healing and growth when you see that yellow balloon, wear your garment from this collection, hear this grateful tune or see a human wearing a piece from this collection. Thank you to every single person that helped manifest this vision. My heart is eternally grateful. I love and appreciate each one of you.


blessings of healing light and gratitude, 

Carlee Moon and The Sinew Moon Tribe


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